HANDS-ON: Chopard’s svelte Alpine Eagle 41mm with Bernina Gr…


Chopard SN4081895 0870 845x550 - HANDS-ON: Chopard's svelte Alpine Eagle 41mm with Bernina Gr... This has actually undoubtedly been the year of the controversial steel sports see, with simply about every watchmaker and their Bernese going into the fray in what has to be the most fiercely objected to category of wrist watches in the present watch market. That weeklong experience was with the 41mm steel Aletsch Blue dial example, which we believed would have been the most popular model of the incorporated upstart, what with blue dials and high-end steel sports sees going together like 5711s and waiting lists. Now that we’ve had a possibility to invest a bit of time with the other dial choice of the 41mm steel Alpine Eagle, the “Bernina Grey” number, we’re not so sure.

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