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Orient Men’s FET0P003W0 Analog Display Japanese Automatic Black Watch



The Sun And Moon by Orient is a timeless piece for many who value the little luxuries in life This watch is handcrafted with a sleek leather band and stainless steel case These durable materials guarantee longevity of the product and a proud owner in the future years The black band silver dial and blue hands contribute to the overall appearance of the watch by adding a sophisticated aspect This piece also features a sturdy mineral crystal to offer protection to the dial and a automatic movement to ensure you remain punctual in your daily life In addition this product is water-resistant to 30 meters 100 feet 3 atm which is ideal for those days where an accident may occur The rich details imperishable components and luxurious quality of the Orient Sun And Moon watch make it a perfect addition to any collection

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With its roots dating back to 1901, Orient Watch has specialized in the manufacture and growth of mechanical timepieces. Since 1950, Orient has been at the forefront of the production of mechanical watches in Japan. Relating to watchmaking, Orient does not have an obscure history: Orient has been producing mechanical watches for more than 60 years. It is likely one of the top three watch manufacturers from Japan and produces 2 million watches per year. Frankly, it can be the biggest watch brand you’ve never heard of. All of Orient’s movements are exclusively made in Japan and no iteration in manufacturing is outsourced. The implicit value of possessing an Orient watch is that the only way to enjoy its tremendous quality is through ownership.

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  • Orient prides itself on the premise that its timepieces are a “watchmaker’s watch”– a no frills mechanical watch that is robust and trustworthy.
  • Our online reputation suggests that an Orient watch is reliable out of the box. This can be attributed to Orient’s undying dedication to mechanical watches.
  • In the eye of the Quartz Revolution in the 1970s, the other top Japanese brands went on to predominantly manufacture quartz, even as Orient remained focused on its mechanical movements. And even as Orient does produce quartz watches, all movements are supplied by its parent company.
  • So what’s the difference between quartz and mechanical? Despite the obvious difference in moving parts, the short answer is seen in the smooth sweeping second hand of a mechanical watch versus the choppy tick of a quartz movement.
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    As an in-house movement producer, Orient joins a short list of watch companies that in fact manufacture their movements in-house and exclusively for their own use. In the industry, it is highly uncommon that a company produces their own movements in-house, and by doing so Orient Watch can make certain that the quality of their wristwatches are held to the highest standards— Orient’s watches have continuously been lauded for their rich styling, dependability, and tremendous value.

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