RECOMMENDED READING: How independent watchmakers are changin…


He’s similarly deeply entrenched in the finer functions of the finer elements of the Swiss watch market, so when he makes up, it’s worth reading. His most existing column in the Financial Times’ splendidly entitled ‘How to Spend It’ sees Foulkes focus his lens on independent watchmaking, which is a little bit of an industry-specific term referring especially to lower production, artisanal brand name names (after all, Rolex is technically an independent brand name). If you’ve never ever really paid too much attention to these bleeding-edge makers (which, used the typically high expense points isn’t unreasonable), this piece provides a fantastic guide, and also includes this truly exceptional quote from de facto independent advocate Aurel Bacs: In every watchmaker’s occupation, there comes a point where they look out of the maker’s window and concern if they have what it takes to make it on their own.

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