Tudor’s Black Bay Ceramic One sold for a ridiculous amount a…


tudor black bay ceramic one2 845x563 - Tudor's Black Bay Ceramic One sold for a ridiculous amount a... If history is anything to go by, we should not have actually been amazed at news coming out of Only Watch 2019 that Tudor’s entry into the charitable auction, the Black Bay Ceramic One, had actually offered for an incredible 350,000 CHF ($ 515,000 AUD). Well, the Swiss marque’s very first “Only Watch”, the Tudor Black Bay One, was sent for auction at the 2015 occasion, and while the price quote for the stainless steel scuba diver was a simple couple of thousand Swiss francs, it ended up offering for a monolithic 375,000 CHF! While the previous 2 Tudor Only Watches represented just minor variances from the basic designs they were based off, the Black Bay Ceramic One represents wholesale modification for the Black Bay, and it’s all to do with the 41mm case.

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